Kitty McScratch is from Ottumwa, Iowa, the Video Game Capital of the World!  She’s set many world records (the amount totaled over 140 at one point), most on games such as Dance Central and Just Dance. She was named Most Prolific Dancing Game High Scorer by The Guinness Book of World Records for having over 85 world records on dance games. She also held the record for Longest Marathon on A Motion Based Dance Game by playing Dance Central 2 for over 17 and a half hours.
Kitty McScratch In Guinness Book Of World Records

Currently, Kitty is working on creating new content for her YouTube channel and plans to start releasing at least 1 new video each month.
She’s also starting Kitty’s Custom Couture.  She custom makes apparel, does alterations as well as creates other products using her seamstress skills.